VM 500 U


  • VM 500 U: Increase your productivity!
  • With no need for compromise: full-featured, 5-axis simultaneous machining!
  • More powerful: max. table load: 250 kg!
  • More space: 450 mm Z-travel path!
  • More flexible: Tool changer with 40 pockets
  • Faster: 18,000 rpm and 130 Nm (S6)

The VM 500 U from the VERTIMILL U series sets itself apart due to its flexibility and compact design. Full-featured 5-axis simultaneous machining is made possible by the NC swivel rotary table with direct measuring system. Due to the various specification options available, we can configure the machine entirely to meet your needs.

VM 500 U  
NC swivel rotary table -5° to +110°
Max. table load 250 kg
Table size ⌀ 630 x 500 mm
Travel distance (X/Y/Z) 500 / 450 / 450 mm
Rapid traverse 30 m/min
Spindle speed 18.000 rpm
Torque 100 / 130 Nm (S1 / S6)
Power 21 / 27 kW (S1 / S6)
Number of tool pockets 40

Highest Quality

From axle drive to zero point clamping.

When selecting our components, we take great care to ensure the best possible quality and a long service life.

Our first priority is to help our customers to increase productivity and maintain production at this higher level. That’s why we make sure our parts are perfectly matched from the very beginning of our machine construction process, taking great care when selecting our suppliers.

Component Manufacturers
Axle drives SIEMENS
Direct measuring system HEIDENHAIN
Hydraulics HYDAC
Ball screws KEMMLER
Linear guideways SCHNEEBERGER
Main spindle CYTEC
Central lubrication SKF


Spindle technology

Our motor spindles impress with their fast run-up times and high quality. Innovative sensor technologies constantly monitor the milling processes and guarantee smooth operation. An optimised machine design and water cooling directly integrated into the spindle guarantees for optimal heat extraction.

Main spindle highlights:

  • Integrated spindle motor
  • HSK-A63 tool holder
  • Automatic tool clamping system
  • External coolant supply via spray nozzles
  • Internal coolant supply (optional)
  • Hydraulic clamping system
  • Grease lubrication
  • Internal spindle cooling using fluid coolants
  • Hybrid bearings ⌀ 70 mm
  • Minimum quantity lubrication (optional)
Main spindle
Spindle speed 18.000 rpm
Torque 100 / 130 Nm (S1 / S6)
Power 21 / 27 kW (S1 / S6)
Cutting Perdormance, Steel
Milling 400 ccm/min
Drilling ⌀ 30 mm
Threading M20

5-axis simultaneous machining

via NC swivel rotary table

Make the most of the advantages offered by 5-axis simultaneous machining and say goodbye to the constant refitting and adjusting of your complex work-pieces! With its integrated swivel rotary table, the VM 500 U wins over customers with its highly flexible design. A direct measuring system along the B and C-axes ensure the highest levels of positioning precision. Efficiency and a reduction in tooling time are key factors in this machine.

NC swivel rotary table highlights:

  • C-axis swivel range: 360°
  • B-axis swivel range: -5 to +110°
  • Clamping surface: ⌀ 630 x 500mm
  • loading weight: 250 kg
  • Direct measuring system (rotary encoder)
  • Rotary transmission for hydraulics and pneumatics
    • High-precision roller bearings in both axes

Technical data

Working area  
Travel distance (X/Y/Z) 500 / 450 / 450 mm
Rapid traverse (X/Y/Z) 30 m/min
Feed force (X/Y/Z) 4,8 kN
SIEMENS 19″ display: SINUMERIK 840D sl with ShopMill
Main spindle  
Speed 18,000 min-1
Power 21 / 27 kW (S1 / S6)
Torque 100 / 130 Nm (S1 / S6)
Swivel rotary table  
B/C-axis swivel range -5° to +110° / 360°
Swivel speed 20 rpm
Clamping surface ⌀ 630 x 500 mm
Table load, max. 250 kg
Clamping hydraulic
Precision as per VDI / DGQ 3441  
Positioning accuracy (X/Y/Z) 0.008 mm
Positioning accuracy (B/C) 7″
Repeat accuracy (X/Y/Z) 0.005 mm
Repeat accuracy (B/C) 4″
Tool magazine  
Number of tools         40
Tool weight, max. 6 kg
Tool length, max.        300 mm
Tool diameter, max.   80 mm / 130 mm (if adjacent spaces empty)
Chip-to-chip time 8 secs
Assembly data  
Machine weight 4,440 kg
Back-up fuse, max. 50A, 400 V
Power consumption   25 kVA – 28 kVA (with internal coolant supply)

Milling without compromises

with the VM 500 U standard equipment!

Even the standard specification of our VM 500 U is equipped with all the features that you will need for a direct start-up in 5-axis machining. Our clients always have the option to expand on this specification with a range of different options.

VM 500 U standard specification

  • SIEMENS 840 D sl with ShopMill
  • 19″ Display
  • Direct measuring system (glass scales) from HEIDENHAIN
  • Motor spindle from CYTEC
  • NC swivel rotary table for full 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • Tool magazine with 40 pockets
  • Loading door for direct magazine loading
  • Electronic handwheel from SIEMENS
  • Completely enclosed
  • Active cooling unit for control cabinet
  • Signal lights
  • Rinsing pistol and coolant tank
  • Chip conveyor

VM 500 U options

  • 10,000 rpm spindle
  • 14,000 rpm spindle
  • 20,000 rpm spindle
  • Tool setter sensor by BLUM / RENISHAW / HEIDENHAIN
  • Work-piece measurement by BLUM / RENISHAW / HEIDENHAIN
  • Kinematic calibration set
  • External/internal coolant supply systems 40 bar
  • Paper band filter
  • Double change-over filter
  • Rotating viewing window
  • Oil mist separator
  • Machine covering
  • Coolant liquid-to-air cooling switching
  • Electronic handwheel, wireless
  • Automatic machine door
  • Free M codes
  • 3D machine model
  • SK 40, BT 40 tool holder

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